“SOYUZ” is an open type community, uniting on a voluntary basis all interested citizens to implement common goals.

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What is SOYUZ?


An independent and freely growing community that determines the fate of the SOYUZ, making key decisions and using the budget of the SOYUZ Foundation for effective development.


The Soyuz Fund is a fund designed to encourage long-term storage of the Soyuz Coin and price stabilization.


The payment system will allow you to use the coin for instant transactions in everyday life and for transfers from one participant to another without intermediaries, as well as to pay for goods and services.


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The Charter of the SOYUZ Community

1.1. The SOYUZ community (hereinafter referred in the Charter as SOYUZ) is an open type community that unites all concerned citizens on a voluntary basis to implement common goals.
1.2. Full name:
in Russian –Сообщество “СОЮЗ” — СОЮЗ,
in English: the SOYUZ Community - SOYUZ
1.3. SOYUZ carries out its activities in accordance with the Charter.
1.4. SOYUZ is an expression of free will of the citizens.
1.5. SOYUZ is a consolidated Community, it has its symbolism approved in the prescribed manner, it has a financial tool based on the decentralized cryptography architecture of the SOYUZ coin.
1.6. The documentation of the Community is kept in the prescribed manner in accordance with generally accepted standards of the free community.
1.7 The community electronic documents are publicly available and freely accessible.


2.1. The goal of SOYUZ is to create a free society of economic well-being and social justice.
2.2. SOYUZ implements the following objectives to ensure the protection of people's interests and the establishment of social justice in society, which involves:
• guaranteed right of a person to work and get fair remuneration;
• exclusion of any discrimination based on any ground - nationality, religion, sex or age;
• protection of human rights at the level of internationally recognized standards;
2.3. The SOYUZ Subject of Activities is to unite the efforts of all SOUYZ members in order to create a society with social justice.
2.4. SOYUZ implements its goals and objectives with the following methods:
• development and promotion of the program, appeals and statements;
• holding of congresses, conferences and other kinds of forums;
• participation in the prescribed manner in the preparation of decisions;
• increased participation of citizens in the management of public affairs, formation of representative bodies and bodies of local government and self-government;
• close collaboration with other communities.
2.5. For the implementation of goals and objectives, the Community is guided by the following principles: legality, freedom of association, democracy, transparency and self-governance, equal rights, obligatory nature of implementation of the decisions taken.


3.1. A member of SOYUZ can be any citizen of any country who is of legal age, sharing the program goals and abiding by the Community Charter, with a firm position and high moral and ethical qualities.
3.2. SOYUZ has a fixed membership. The accounting of Community Members is carried out by free count.
3.3. Admission to the Community is carried out by registration on electronic resources of the community.
3.4. The SOYUZ member has the right to:
• nominate, elect and be elected to the Community Governing Bodies;
• raise and freely discuss the issues of practical activities of the community at the meetings, conferences, congresses, in the press;
• submit applications and proposals to any authority and demand responses regarding the substance of the issues raised;
• receive information on the activities of elected bodies and evaluate their work;
• be free to leave the Community;
• get the protection of the Community in case of violation of his rights.
3.5. Community Member must:
• work toward the realization of the Community goals;
• promote the expansion of SOYUZ influence in society;
• implement the Charter and the Community decisions


4.1. The Community is formed on the free basis.
The basis of the Community is formed by the members of free community. Regional representation:
• conducts work with citizens, explains and promotes the SOYUZ ideas in the media, lectures, discussions and other important social events;
• considers other issues of the Community life arising from the SOYUZ program and statutory provisions.
4.2. The SOYUZ Supreme Body is a Community Committee. The decisions at the congresses, conferences (meetings) are made provided that the majority of the members present have voted for them.
The SOYUZ Congress:
• establishes the strategy and tactics of the community;
• adopts the Program and the Charter of the community, makes amendments and additions to them;
• elects the SOYUZ Chairman , the SOYUZ Central Audit Commission , considers their records and reports;
4.12. The SOYUZ Governing Body is a meeting of the community members.
4.13. The SOYUZ Supervisory Bodies. The SOYUZ Supervisory Bodies are the Central Audit Commission (hereinafter - the CAC) and the Audit Commission (auditors)
Supervisory Bodies are elected at the meetings, respectively.
4.14. CAC and the Audit Commissions meetings are held as necessary.
4.15. CAC:
• monitors the work of the community;
• checks the activities of the community, compliance with statutory requirements;
• considers the correctness of responses to letters, complaints and statements addressed to the community;


5.1. Monetary and other community funds are formed by:
• the official monetary unit of the community is the SOYUZ coin based on the decentralized emission algorithm and created for the effective functioning of the free community.
• the Community Fund consists of 2% of the total number of future emission of the SOYUZ coins, donations and gifts, other sources not prohibited by law.
5.2. The Community funds and property are used for the implementation of statutory goals and objectives, development of software solutions, establishment of Community resource base, assistance to Community Members in need, wages for staff members and employees of other departments. The nature and extent of the use of funds is determined by a Community Committee.
5.3. The Community may own industrial and residential buildings, equipment, tools, property of cultural, educational and recreational nature, monetary resources, other property necessary to ensure the activities of the community and its bodies.
5.4 SOYUZ may own or have on lease terms any property necessary for the material support of the activity stipulated by the Charter.
5.5 Each Community Member has the right to make a profit at a rate of the rewards for the maintaining of the efficiency and circulation of the SOYUZ coins by performing cryptographic operations on his own equipment or on specially designed servers.
5.6. The Community is not liable for its members debts. In turn, the Community Members are not responsible for the debts of the Community.